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Main Content: TeamTalk TW Blue Sound Theme

This is a little sound theme I ended up creating, because I hadn't heard someone sent me a message. Anyways, long story short, I decided the default TT sounds were rather quiet. And that is why I created this theme.
I knew that TW Blue's sounds were loud and clear. So this sound theme has been created for those, like me, who have trouble hearing those soft TT sounds.

How to Use

To use the theme, follow these instructions.
  1. First, download the ZIP archive with the theme inside by using this download link.
  2. Extract the archive and find the WAV files within. Press CTRL(Control) plus A to copy the files to your clipboard.
  3. Press Windows R, which will launch the Run dialog. Type C:\ and press Enter. Alternatively, press Windows to bring up search, and type This PC. When the explorer shows up, press W for Windows (C:\).
  4. Press P for Program Files and press Enter.
  5. Press T until you reach TeamTalk5 and press Enter.
  6. Press S for sounds and press enter.
  7. Finally, press CTRL(Control) plus V to paste the contents of the archive into the directory. Please note that you may be asked for administrator rights, just select Continue with automatic rights.
  8. When asked by Windows what to do with existing files, select "Replace the Files in the Destination."
Once the above steps are completed, you can launch TeamTalk.
Note that if you have a portable version of TeamTalk, ignore steps until you reach the directory where your portable installation is, then select sounds, then CTRL(Control) plus V.