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Main Content: Revenge of the Undead, a 3D Zombie Shooter

A man, by the name of Kyle, sought revenge for the loved ones he had lost. First his wife, then his children. His only sister, Emily, faded along with them. He was alone.
He wanted to cause pain to the world. He was tired of all the pain that he was bearing. He began performing rituals, resurrecting animals who had died long ago, shaping them into his own cold imagination. The Gholion, a skelletal lion. The Giabear, the gigantic reanimation of a black bear. The Agawolf, a wolf who had been chained and tortured to death. And the Ghostkey, the monkey who had been locked in a cage for years, with no food or water.
There was a risk, however, by reviving these long-dead animals. It had also brought back other unknown forces and mythical creatures. But Kyle didn't care. He wanted to cause as much pain as possible.
As cold as this man's imagination was, however, the animals soon turned on him. They also wanted revenge for their torture, their agony, their imprisonment. So, the animals rampaged throughout the world, causing destruction. As players, you are attempting to put the animals back into the world of the dead. But since the animals are already dead, they keep reassembling and reappearing. And it's only a matter of time, before the world falls...

ROTU is a 3D multiplayer based FPS in which your goal is to kill the ghost animals that await to tear you apart. However, it won't be easy.
As you kill the animals, you gain gold, which can then be used to buy stronger weapons and equipment to protect yourself.
You can also participate in player held events, which allow you to get even more gold and to improve your fighting skills.


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